We aim to charge fair and competitive fees for all our work.

Standard Fees

We have a number of standard fees for standard kinds of work for which we can quote a fee assuming that the work can proceed in a straightforward way without any changes. Here are some standard fees:

Buying, selling and refinancing residential properties
Sale with no mortgage $740.00 plus GST $111 = $851.00
Sale with one mortgage $780.00 plus GST $117 = $897.00
Purchase with no mortgage $940.00 plus GST $141 = $1,081.00
Purchase with one mortgage $980.00 plus GST $147 = $1,127.00
Sale and Purchase with no mortgage as above, total of $1,680.00
less 5% discount $84 = $1,596.00 + GST $239.40 = $1,835.40
Sale and Purchase – with mortgage off & on as above, total of $1,760.00
less 5% discount $88 = $1,672.00 + GST $250.80 = $1,922.80

Refinancing – one mortgage off & on $480.00 plus GST $72 = $552.00
Extra discharges on sale or refinancing $80.00 plus GST $12 per extra discharge

Cross Lease development – 2 new flats $720.00 plus GST $108 = $828.00

Redzone Special: sell your redzoned Christchurch or Kaiapoi property to the Crown and we will charge a standard fee for the sale as above plus a standard fee of $440.00 + GST for advising you on the options offered by CERA and your insurers and advising you on the contract and settlement forms – as little as $960.00 + GST and if you buy another property anywhere in New Zealand we will discount our fee on the purchase $100 instead of the usual $70 as above.

Company Incorporation
with no constitution:$240.00 + GST $36 = $276
with constitution tailored to your requirements, initial resolutions, etc. $400.00 plus GST $60 = $460.00

ADLS Lease with standard additional clauses $480.00 plus GST $72 to tenant. Plus time for negotiation of lease to client.

Landlord’s consent to assignment $360.00 plus GST

Standard Wills $80+GST $12 = $92 for 1 person, $120+GST $18 = $138 for couple, free with house purchase

Enduring Powers of Attorney $300+GST for 1 person, $450+GST for couple

Standard property relationship agreements $640 plus GST $96 = $736.00

The above fees are all standard fees, assuming no complications or alterations requiring additional work, for which we reserve the right to make an additional charge on the same basis as for non-standard work. For conveyancing we assume when giving estimates that it is a single freehold residential property in one title, not leased or tenanted, with no significant defects, with one or two individuals as joint owners.

Disbursements (fees for LIM reports, title searches, registration fees, bank fees etc) are passed on at cost.

Non-standard fees

For other types of work we may be able to quote a fee or estimate a likely fee largely on the basis of the time we expect the job to take, calculated at a rate which reflects the experience of the lawyer, the complexity of the task, the urgency and circumstances in which the work is undertaken and any time limitations imposed, including those imposed by our client and other relevant factors specified in legislation including:
• the skill, specialised knowledge, and responsibility required to perform the services properly and the difficulty or novelty of the questions involved,
• the importance of the matter to the client and the amount or value of the property involved or in dispute,
• the results achieved,
• the degree of risk assumed by the lawyer in undertaking the services,
• the reasonable costs of providing the service,
• fees charged by other local lawyers for similar services.
And our final fee will reflect these factors as well as the amount of any quote or estimate of fees given.

Whenever practical we will record the basis of charging fees in writing to you at the commencement of the task in a formal letter of engagement and will endeavour to notify you if and whenever it becomes apparent that our fees will exceed our quote or estimate.